Review, Reserve, Relax

iReserve is a mobile application that allows consumers and businesses to easily make reservations with each other during and after business hours. 

For Clients

Search For Businesses or Service You Need

Easily search for businesses and services by category, date, and time. Review businesses and services by location, biography, pictures, and ratings.  

Make Your Reservation 

Make reservations anytime, anywhere. Get timely reminders and notification of reservations on your phone instantly.

Manage Your Reservations

Easily manage your reservations with your smart phone. Avoid phone calls and long holds just to reschedule, cancel or re-confirm a previous set appointment or reservation. ​


For Businesses

Create Reservation Schedule

Create and customize your calendar schedule to allow potential clients to instantly make a reservation with you.

Allow potential and current clients to make reservations or update you during and after business hours 

Manage Reservations

Keep track of all reservations and productivity with your smartphone.

Quickly make changes and reschedule reservation with a touch of a button.

Set reminders via notification to confirm reservations with your clients. Save time for your business, and avoid follow up and appointment confirmation calls.

Get Clear Statistics And Billing

Easily keep track of your daily and monthly reservations statistics.

Get clear and simple invoices. Only pay for reservations made by clients. Reservations which has been made by you on behalf of clients is free*.

*This promotion offer is free for the first 12 months of signing up. Promotions and options subject to change.



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